Action-packed with revolutionary 60FPS 3D technology and 3D glasses (not included) that will have you believing you're in the middle of a circuit race at speeds of 200 KMH!

Whether it's pickups, taxis, limos or tuned cars, Varooom 3D's hairpin curves, daredevil turns and realistic action has all the fun and excitement of real racing.

Are you up to it? Drivers, start your engine. It's Varooom 3D!

The full source code and creative commons assets of this Game Boy Advance game are included with Butano engine.

Embedded GBA.Ninja template by @hot_pengu and @exelotl


* 7.3.0:

  - Time records for each stage are shown on the title screen.

  - If you are fast enough you can win a dollar :)

  - Turbo boost can be used when there's no more pending time.

  - Brakes are a bit more effective.

  - Title music improved.

  - 3D mountains improved.

  - Rare crash because of lack of RAM for 3D vertices and faces hopefully fixed.

* 7.0.0:

  Initial public release.


Download 8.7 MB


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Very enjoyable game, however, the sound is buggy, the control is a bit clucky, or maybe I'm just bad lol. Had fun tho.

Buggy sound? What are you using to play the game?

Im so bad at it but this is so rad

gotta say the audio in this game is something ive never heard out of a gba, let alone one simultaneously pushing out polygons


Very impressive. Unfortunately the game gives me motion sickness because the camera is so stiff. Also it's a shame that the camera cannot be at an angle behind the car instead of top down. But it is a very nice game. 

Can this game run in a emulator?

Yeah, it runs in all popular emulators I've tested.

Wow, this game is great! But it is a pity there's no sound when you are using brakes... It would've been a nice kind of aural feedback.

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There are VOICES! Actual voices in a GBA game?? I'm not gonna lie, I've been scouring to find source code or some kind of tutorial or implementation, but I just can't. It's too impressive. Even on my AGS-001, it runs really well, minus some volume lost when turning, but that might just be my OEM battery and speaker giving out lol. Not 100% sure if this has any saving capabilities, but it might just be that it's designed for battery saves and not flash saves like I use.



Yep, the voices (and the music) are great.

The game uses SRAM for saving, so I guess it doesn't work with flash batteries.

BTW, source code and assets are provided with Butano engine.

It's surreal to see a game that looks and sounds this good running on a GBA.

one question: are you going to upload the music anywhere?



Game's source code and assets are open, so you can get the music from here:

Please check the licenses if you plan to use them in other projects:


You can listen to the music here too: Stream tempest | Listen to Varooom 3D on Game Boy Advance (2021) playlist online for free on SoundCloud

Awesome game ! Pretty well done.

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This game is really something! It’s really fun to play and the music and visuals are very high quality!


does it work on a real gameboy advance?


Of course!


This is much better than any other GBA racing game. In fact, you made a game in which the GBA pretends to be a DS or something like that.


how'd you get the audio to sound so good?!


Lots of ROM, high audio mixing rate and impressive team members :)

upload this to

Do you intend to continue the game?


We will release a new version this week with improved music and 3d models among other things, but beyond that there isn't anything planned (for now).



Final version has been released!

Music has been improved, samples quality has been increased, a new 3D model has been added and more!



Awesome! Super slick presentation, plays well and very challenging!


Nice, this game looks classic!


Nice game. Love the visuals and music.